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Solar flare emitting an electromagnetic pulse
Solar activity sending a EMP towards earth
EMP Defence Systems identify, protect and defend electronic infrastructure, networks and systems against natural and man-made electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, events and attacks. EMP Defence Systems operate globally to identify systems that are vulnerable to EMP events. Vulnerable systems, networks and infrastructure are hardened and protected against natural events such as space weather and solar flares and also against man-made EMP events or attacks including high altitude (HEMP) and ground based NNEMP attacks. More information.
A GNSS (GPS) satellite emits less power than a car headlight and must use this to illuminate half of the Earth’s surface. This leaves the signals open to interference or corruption from natural hazards, including space weather and solar activity, and man-made sources, including deliberate jamming using small, cheap and readily available jammers. GNSS (GPS) positioning and timing data is used widely from transport to the timing of transactions in financial markets and the synchronisation of networks. EMP Defence protects GPS dependent systems. More information.
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"EMP events & attacks pose a serious risk and would have a devastating and long lasting impact across all aspects of electronic infrastructure."
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EMP Defence Systems provide global protection for electronic systems, networks and infrastructure against EMP / EMI events or attacks and GNSS (GPS) PNT disruption. EMP Defence Systems identify vulnerable systems and protect, harden and defend networks across Europe, Asia, North America and The Gulf. Operating globally EMP Defence Systems protect governments and organisations in sectors including banking, financial services, energy, utilities, defence, shipping, technology, telecoms and infrastructure. More information.
Developing Threats: Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMP), February 2012
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